Haiku: Children (2)


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When I think back to my childhood, I remember endless days in the sun, I remember having the freedom to wander. The children I see around now are always looking down at their phones and never see the sky.


photo by Kat Jayne for pexels.com

As children we ran

Fields and lanes were our playground

Where have children gone?

copyright Milly Reynolds 2019




Tanka: A mother’s tears


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It is only now  I am a parent, that I appreciate everything that my parents did for me. Life was hard for them when I was growing up, but they made sure that I never went without. It was sometimes a daily struggle, but as a child I never knew. When I think back to some of the mother/daughter fights that we used to have when I was pushing the boundaries……….


photo by Kat Jayne for pexels.com

Why didn’t you tell?

You hid your struggles from me

Kept me innocent

That one truth now humbles me

I can never say thank you

copyright Milly Reynolds 2019