This is fun!!!


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It is a few days since I set up my YouTube channel and now, 4 videos later, I am having such fun. I am finding that I am quite enjoying talking to myself! I don’t use a script and often sound very disjointed, but, to be honest, I quite like the finished product.

I am learning all the time. I’ve progressed from using the camera/video on my phone to downloading an app so that I can use my laptop. Now I just need to learn how to do all the tricky bits that others put in their videos. I want to be able to combine web pages with my videos and maybe include photos, but, at the moment I have no idea how to. In my latest video – ‘Talking about book 2’ I can’t even get the lighting right.

It is also a good job that I have reached the age when I am comfortable in my skin otherwise I would never upload anything; I would be too worried about people seeing wrinkles and double chins. I’m happy with how I look/sound and if others have a problem with me, well, quite frankly, that is their problem – not mine.

I’m just having too much fun!



Afternoon Treats


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img_2007I love the new trend for Afternoon Teas. Is there anything better than sitting in nice surroundings with three tiers of delicacies and unlimited tea to share. My first Afternoon Tea was a couple of years ago when my  husband took me out for my birthday. From that moment I was hooked. But, in my opinion, an Afternoon Tea is something that must be enjoyed on special occasions, to be savoured. Too regularly and it will cease to be special.

My second Afternoon Tea was last summer when we visited Belvoir Castle.

Today’s was my treat for my husband’s birthday and my, it was good. A selection of ham, cheese, salmon and egg sandwiches; chocolate cake – which was divine, a mini Victoria sponge and an individual cheesecake; a fruited scone with clotted cream and jam. What could be better.

Roll on April when we are going to London for a special Afternoon Tea for my birthday.  What could be better?

Joining the techno age


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Well, I thought it was about time that I started something new. Everyone seems to blogging and vlogging and embracing social media – except me. It seemed time to take the plunge.


Today I have started my own YouTube channel. I expect I have done all the wrong things because I’m a newbie, but hopefully I will get the hang of it. But I’m live!!! I’ve recorded an intro and have read a short extract from ‘The Woolly Murders’. So – if you want a bit of light relief, log on and see what you think. Any tips will also be gratefully received. The link is below.

Milly Reynolds channel

Enjoy x

January Blues


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Is it just me, or does everyone feel blue half way through January?

Now that the glitz, sparkle and energy of Christmas and New Year had faded, everything seems grey, dull and slightly depressing. New Year resolutions have been made and broken; there is still two weeks to pay day; the Christmas pounds are still clinging onto the hips and the skies darken at 4pm. The end of the month seems so far away, it’s almost untouchable.

But as soon as February arrives, then life seems to be brighter. Sunset will now nearer be 5pm and the days will get visibly longer. Spring is round the corner and snowdrops break through the surface of the ground followed by the vibrant purples of crocus flowers.

Seventeen days to go – not that I am counting, of course.





Everything looks so bare …


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img_1139 - edited

I hate it!

I hate seeing my house bare and naked.  After spending an afternoon packing Christmas away and dragging everything up into the darkness of the loft, all I can do is sit with a coffee and stare at blank surfaces. Yesterday everything glittered and sparkled. Today?

Some of my friends look forward to packing everything away, they see it as a fresh start. I don’t. After the brillance of Christmas when lights twinkle and sparkle all through the house, tonight I seem engulfed by darkness. There are dim corners and shadows every where I turn. And outside? One by one the brightly illuminated houses are extinguishing their flames; the streets will become dark corridors once more until Spring and Summer arrive to brighten our days. But tonight, with frost nibbling at the windows that all seems such a long way away.

I’ll have to buy some candles and instead of twinkling fairy lights, I’ll surround myself with flickering flames and shifting shadows.

Happy January xx

After Christmas Musings


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IMG_1933.jpgA belated Happy Christmas to everyone. I hope that you all had a happy, healthy Christmas with good food and good company.

As usual, I made far too much food; I always over prepare. I cater for an army rather than for 5 people for 2 days. But I would hate anyone to leave my home hungry. So I have lots of food to get through. The vegetables that were still sitting in the refrigerator waiting for their turn in the spotlight have been caramelised with maple syrup and blitzed into soup for tonight. The mince pies will be brought out for guests on News Years Eve. That just leaves the Christmas cake which I can manage quite nicely on my own, thank you very much.

Christmas lunch was wonderful – even if I say it myself. Starter was a roasted red pepper and butternut squash hummus served with pitta bread. The turkey and trimmings were delicious. The Christmas pudding is still waiting to be eaten but that will last a few months so it can be an indulgent treat later in the year. The disappointment was my trifle. I had seen the recipe on the internet and I should really have done a test run before the big day: brownies, Baileys, bananas, custard and cream should have been a heavenly combination. I just felt it was lacking something.

But – if you want to try a really yummy mousse, you must try the mousse that I made Christmas Eve. Toblerone, cream and marshmallows. Beautiful and so easy to make.

So – hopefully by New Year, all of the ‘naughty’ food will have been eaten and I can begin the task of shifting the few pounds that have crept onto my hips over the past few days. I’m almost looking forward to getting back on the straight and narrow. Almost.

Have a brilliant New Year and I hope 2019 is wonderful to you.

White trainers????


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It was with some amazement that I read an article in the Daily Mail stating that white trainers are the new heels. Apparently if you want to be part of the ‘crowd’ you must wear your white trainers to the glitziest occasions. Actress Emma Thompson wore hers when she went to Buckingham Palace to receive her Damehood. White trainers to see the Queen – or rather Prince William? My jaw dropped. If I had been invited to Buckingham Palace, I would have spent weeks organising my outfit, I wouldn’t just have pulled on a pair of trainers.


Photo courtesy of EI News

Am I old fashioned? I know that I’m not a youngster anymore, but surely this trend of dressing down for every occasion is one that is not good. As a child, I remember putting on my best clothes on Sundays. When my husband and I started dating in the 80s, I would dress up for a date. Now everyone wears jeans whether to a restaurant or the theatre.

I long for a return to a time where everyone looks elegant; to a time where I don’t feel over-dressed just because I am in a dress; to a time when women exuded femininity.

I know many will disagree with me, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is – bring back elegance and glamour.