A new Mike Malone on Kindle

My latest Mike Malone story is now live on Kindle and Smashwords. This story is inspired by a crime in Russia that I read about around three years ago. Thinking it would be perfect for Mike, I squirreled away until I was ready to use it.

DI Mike Malone fears that this might be the case that breaks him – the discovery of a child’s body at the local landfill site, especially when the secrets that the post-mortem reveal are so grotesque. Add to the mix some disturbed graves and Mike feels that light and happiness are distant countries. This is one of the strangest cases that Mike and his trusty DS, Alan Shepherd, have ever tackled and they find themselves seeking help from someone who leaps at the chance to be useful once more. Another Mike Malone mystery and a chance to meet up with some familiar faces.



What to wear tonight? She had to look her very best. This was the main event, after all. She ran her hand over her clothes, stopping at a rich, deep blue dress. Plucking the hanger from the rail she held it against herself. A cap sleeved slim fitting dress with lace details at the shoulder, a deep ‘v’ neckline and front slit. It would show all her best features. No jewellery, she wanted the attention to be on her decolletage, not the necklace at her throat. She wouldn’t wear stockings either. Bare legs in strappy stiletto sandals. She wanted him to focus on her skin tonight and to imagine touching it. She shivered in anticipation. With her blonde wig, she would look stunning. He wouldn’t know what had hit him.

Killed With A Kiss

copyright Milly Reynolds 2020