About Milly Reynolds

PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE HERE: http://millyreynolds.co.uk

As you may have already guessed, Milly Reynolds is not my real name. Like my ‘hero’ and my first creation, Detective Inspector Mike Malone, I also hide my real identity.

Having ‘retired’ from my job, I was a full-time teacher in a secondary school, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and began to write ebooks for Kindle and  Kobo

So why Mike Malone? I love all things detective and wanted to create my own series. However, I decided not to go for the deep, dark thriller – I could never compete with the masters of that genre, like Jo Nesbo whose books I adore? Therefore I came to the decision that the Mike Malone series would be off-beat. I like to think that there is humour in my books; I don’t want to scare people, I want to make them chuckle – there is not enough laughter in the world at the moment. As the series has progressed, I have become very attached to Mike; he is the comfortable pair of slippers that I put on at night. My husband has also become attached to Fi and I am under strict instructions not to let anything happen to her – yet.

Living in Lincolnshire, I love the flat, endless landscapes and want these to be seen in my books alongside places that I know and love. Mike Malone has moved from the city to Lincolnshire and has fallen in love with the place; me, I was born here and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

However, although Mike was my first creation, he is not the only one. I have also created Jack Sallt, another Detective Inspector. Jack is grittier than Mike and there is not the humour in his stories that there is in the Mike Malone stories. I wanted to write a more ‘grown-up’ detective story. When time allows this may be be developed into a series as well.

With two male detectives under my wing, I also decided that it was time for the girls to take centre stage and ‘Scorpion’s Tale’, I published a novel featuring Liv Harris, a character in the Jack Sallt novels. I am hoping that Liv will make another appearance at some point in the future.

Not content with crime, I have also wandered into the realms of romance and published ; a stand-alone novel ‘The Unseen Sky’.

The Bookshop Chronicles featuring bookshop owner Emma Powers is a foray into something a little different. She may be developed in the future.

So as you can see, I like to keep experimenting with my writing although Mike Malone is my first love. He will always come first.

I’m lucky, I enjoy writing and enjoy writing poetry just as much as I do writing fiction – the discipline of sitting down to write a Haiku is quite therapeutic.  I am hoping to publish a book of poems jointly with my husband in the near future. To relax, I love reading, although sometimes a good book can get in the way of my writing. I read on average 50/60 books a year. I keep meaning to pop reviews on my blog, but the next book gets in the way.

Anyway, I hope you like my novels. I have fun coming up with ideas for Mike – the more bizarre the better. One reviewer of my books wrote that these books are ‘completely off the wall’ and another commented that they are ‘set in a bubble’, a ‘whimsyland’. I’m happy with that.





23 thoughts on “About Milly Reynolds”

  1. I have trying to find David Francis Barker. When I clicked on his name in a comment on a new post by C.L. Sostarich, it landed me here. I am a real addict of English detective fiction, New Scotland Yardees, and all their “sidekicks”. Not to mention mysterious, strange, and sleepy English villes! Will continue to enjoy reviews here!


  2. HI, was curious who stopped by my blog and dropped in to investigate … was thoroughly confused for awhile, are you Milly or David Francis Barker? LOL Anyway, either way, thanks for reading and subscribing, hope you find something on my blog worthwhile.


    1. Hi, I don’t know whether you got my first reply but I’ll say it again! Firstly, thanks for your interest and question. I (David) and the poet/painter/writer and my partner (nom de plume Milly Reynolds) is a crime fiction (mainly) writer, who I help out with editing, proof reading, collaborating on occasion. I administer both sites, you see? Sorry about the confusion! Hope this makes sense. I will visit your site as often as I can.


  3. Wow you’re an author! Saw your comment on another blog & I liked your gravatar. That’s why I clicked! I liked it. I’m confused though – are you Milly Reynolds the crime writer but your gravatar is male just for whatever reason? Sort of, not sure if I’ve got the right person here!


    1. Hi – I (we’re) very grateful for your comments. You’re right, of course, I’m Dave the poet/painter/whatever and my partner is Milly Reynolds (nom de plume) who specialises in crime fiction and general fiction. Perhaps we ought to have separate gravatars but I administer both blogs at present, so to speak. Hope this makes sense and thank you once again!


    1. Hi Victoria, thank you once more. I am very grateful for you reading the book. I guess we (my partner and I) are a kind of collaboration, to be more accurate, the poems are ‘all mine’, if you will, but the crime and general fiction books under the name Milly Reynolds are a collaborative affair between us. All of this is still pretty much in its inception, the first book coming out only in the spring of this year and the poetry book in the October. Thank you!


  4. Hello my name is Tricia Bertram, I live in Australia and write the Writing The Roads of Grief blog that dfbaker follows. i would love to download your murder series but have an iPad not a kindle. Is there a way to download to iPad. Did a search of the iPad book store but couldn’t find the books, this could be because I failed comuters for dummies.
    I have so many books in my home my family and friends refer to it as The Book Depository so decided it’s time I entered the 21st century and did the virtual book thingy. I can’t fall over them if they are stored on a computer.
    Really like both sites
    Bye for now


  5. What a nice surprise! Lovely. Will check it out.

    Thanks, David, for your visits and comments. Computer has been up-and-down, but will be visiting and commenting when all is clear.

    Be well.

    Warmest regards,
    Jamie Dedes


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