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photo by Jonathan Petersson for pexels.com

I watched her leave the cafe and start to walk in my direction, two takeaway cups in her hands. I stopped in front of her.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for the Dominion Theatre.”

“You’re in the wrong area, love. You need to …” Her eyes registered shock as the knife pierced her skin. By the time the coffee cups hit the ground I was already walking away.


Wez Cannon stared at the screen and watched himself join the confused crowd in front of the coffee shop. He remembered his reaction as he had emerged, assuming some sort of traffic incident and that his dependable Detective Sergeant would have taken control. Therefore he hadn’t pushed his way through the crowd. Why hadn’t he? If he had bulldozed his way through he might have been able to save her. He might even have been able to apprehend Carly’s murderer. Although he couldn’t see Carly’s body on the screen, there were just too many people, the image of her lifeless body was forever engraved in his memory, slumped on the street as her life blood mingled with the latte that she never had the chance to drink. He slammed his fist on the desk.

“You need to go home, Wez.” Detective Inspector Joe Page sat himself in the opposite chair. He and Wez had known each other for several years and had often found themselves on the same teams until their respective promotions had put them in charge of their own squads. With the murder of one of their own, Joe’s team had been brought in to assist.

“Go and get some rest, Wez. Come back in the morning refreshed.”

“I can’t, Joe. I’m better off here.”


“I was there. I might have seen something, something that I haven’t registered as significant yet.”

“And did you?”

Wez raised his head and glared at his old friend before returning his gaze to the computer screen. Joe sighed and wheeled his chair around the desk so that he could see the screen.

“Ok. Then let me have a look as well. A fresh pair of eyes, a fresh perspective. Go back to the beginning.”

“Thanks, Joe.”

copyright Milly Reynolds 2019