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Lyveden from mound 2

Well, another glorious weekend in the sunshine and husband and I decided to visit a National Trust property that had always passed us by in the past. Lyveden New Bield near Oundle – an unfinished moated country house.

The house was started by Sir Thomas Tresham who inherited the estate in Northamptonshire in 1559 when he was only 15. As a staunch Catholic in Elizabethan times when Catholics were persecuted, he designed his house to be packed with Catholic symbolism. It really was fascinating to see how he had used numerology when designing the property with its use of three and sixes. The setting was perfect – not a building in sight and everywhere huge expanses of green. Add to this my favourite bird, a red kite, which was circling low overhead and I was in heaven. There is nothing better than wandering through country estates on a sunny day. So where shall we go next weekend?

However, what a shocking end to a wonderful day – the horrific events in London were terrifying, especially after the event in Manchester only a couple of weeks before. My son lives in London and first thoughts are always – is he safe? Second thoughts then go out to families of those caught up in the bloodbath. We were in London last weekend and events like that will not stop me from going to London. The British spirit is to carry on. I refuse to spend my life cowering behind closed doors – just in case.

God bless those suffering. Stay strong – you are not alone.