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Nothing revives you like a break in routine, does it? A week off work to recharge the batteries. Thing is, a week off work often leaves you wanting another break to recover but not this time.

We have just spent a few days in Whitby and have walked and walked and walked. Never having visited the town before, and living in the flatest area in England, my poor muscles were unprepared for this picturesque little town with its ups and downs and cobbles. There were also the climbs. The 199 steps upto St Mary’s Church and Whitby Abbey just had to be done, especially when there was such a prize awaiting the intrepid traveller at the top. St Mary’s Church was breath-taking. Never before have I seen a church with box pews, some with little heaters, or a three tier pulpit. It had a really cosy feel to it. Incredible.

Next to it, Whitby Abbey’s magnificent ruin overlooks the town almost like a guardian. What struck me was the way that the stone has been eroded by the elements. The striations could have been painted by an artist, they were so intricate. Beautiful but deadly, this brushwork will in the centuries to come, eventually destroy this wonderful, evocotive building.

Whitby is a gem, and now that I have discovered it, it is a place to which I will return in later years.

Now that I have returned home again, and with a renewed vigour, I have been able to finish the latest Mike Malone. Once it has been edited, it will be put on Amazon. I really should have a break away more often.