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Cannot believe that it is about eighteen months since I last logged on. Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Changes in circumstances, jobs etc take their toll. The writing is also suffering – poor Mike Malone has been struggling with his present case for so long I’m not sure if he’ll ever solve it. Time was when I would have had the time to sit in the evenings and write. Doesn’t seem to happen a lot now.

But I do love this time of year when the nights get lighter and the weather gets warmer. It’s re-energising and I’m hoping it will re-energise my writing arm. I’m nearly there. Just two to three thousand words to go and Mike will return.

Still reading – presently whizzing through a batch of Young Adult novels for school. Really like these – quick to read and sometimes there are some real gems. I’ve recently finished ‘Beck’ by Mal Peet and ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ by Vanessa Altin. I’d recommend both books. They are very different but gripping

‘Beck’ would be suitable only for older teenagers as it is a coming-of-age story about a mixed race boy transported to North America when he is orphaned. He is abused by those supposed to be caring for him, acts which leave mental scars. It is set in the Depression and shows what life was like for a young black man. Excellent story that I would recommend.

‘The Pomengranate Tree’ is about a Kurdish girl and her life in Syria and although a Young Adult novel, it will engaeg all ages because of the relevance of the subject matter. It is written as a diary of a teenager, Dilvan, in her fictitious city in Kurdish Syria which she is forced to flee from when the ratmen (ISIS) attack and her mother and sister are kidnapped. This book depicts what war is like for the ordinary people, things we do not see on our safe Western TV sets. Although it is an ecxiting story on one hand, it is not always enjoyable, but it is relevant and will present teenagers with a view of life that is very different to their own.

I’ll finish now – so pleased to be back and this time I’ll try to update my blog more regularly.