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The Woolly Murders3

Mike Malone is, I hasten to add, still alive and kicking and in the middle of a case. As this case is rather tricky to solve, light relief was needed and so I have decided to introduce a series of short stories.

The main character is Emma Powers, a forty-something owner of a second hand bookshop/coffee shop set in the fictional town of Wellbridge – a town not too far removed from my own home town, even down to the abbey references. Why a bookshop? Simple, if circumstances were different, that is the very thing that I would want to be doing. I did look into it seriously several years ago, but the sums did not add up. After taking into account business rates and utility bills, the turnover required to make a second hand bookshop profitable was unrealistic. A pity really. But now, Emma Powers can run the bookshop for me.

The first story, ‘Discovered’ draws on an event in Wellbridge’s history and Emma’s bookshop is the place where a spirit from that time is wanting his voice to be heard. This series of stories will be very different from the Mike Malone series, I hope you like them.