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As you may have guessed, I have fallen a little behind with my book reviews. Catch up time!

This book was a present from my husband and I was wary, I tend to stay away from ‘celebrity’ authors – sometimes with justification. Not this one. This is atmospheric and dark. Set in Georgian London, we are taken by the hand and shown all elements of life at that time.

The heroine is Anne Jaccob, the daughter of  well to do family whose mother is constantly pregnant and whose father is trying to marry her off to a wealthy suitor. In the beginning you could feel quite sorry for Anne’s plight, but this is a feisty heroine, a girl who definitely knows her own mind and her own urges, particularly when she encounters Fub, the butcher’s boy. The sex in the novel wasn’t so much shocking as unexpected and it reveals another facet of Anne’s character. There is also a lot of blood in the novel and murder. This in London at its bawdy, gritty best. A super debut novel. The cover is pretty impressive too.