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I seem to have a pile of psychological thrillers on my bedside table at the moment and this novel by Ruth Ware worked it way to the top – mainly, I think, because of a rush of weddings at the moment. So many new dresses!

Anyway – this appealed because it takes place at a hen party – and we’ve all been to them haven’t we? We’ve all been put in a group of people we don’t know awfully well, or even know at all. The only thing we all have in common is the bride.

Nora, the narrator, is at just such a hen party and she can’t even understand why she was even invited, as she lost contact with the bride years previously. The story is told in two time-lines – Nora’s perspective of the hen party and, Nora in hospital trying to remember the events that led to a death.

The novel does have some spine-tingling moments and it did keep my attention but I have read better. Friends sat that this is the new ‘Girl in a Train’. As I haven’t read that yet, I’ll reserve judgement. It is good, just not as good as I was hoping. Nora was just too gullible at times.