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Having read the classic as a child and as a parent, I wasn’t sure how the sequel would compare. However, I had read Geraldine McCaughrean’s novel ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ when I was reading all of the books shortlisted for the Carnegie medal last year, so I knew that JM Barrie’s legacy was in good hands.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Although Wendy and her brothers are now adults in post war Britain, dreams are telling them that all is not well in Neverland. So they go back – I won’t reveal how they manage this feat  – but there is a theme through the book that we become the clothes we wear. In Neverland, they join up with Peter Pan again and set off in search of Hook’s treasure on Neverpeak mountain.

The book captures the magic of the original – pirates, fairies, and Lost Boys, but there is also a darker side – the characters have to face their fears, they have to remember the children they were and recall the grief of loss. We are also introduced to new characters, one quite sinister and one enchantingly bossy.

If you loved Peter Pan, you will enjoy this.