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So, another Saturday and another attempt to use my spiraliser. I chose to use butternut squash again and this time a sort of bolognese sauce. I use quorn mince as my husband is a vegetarian. So – ingredients:

carrot, celery, chopped tomatoes, onion , quorn mince, garlic, mixed herbs and – two squares of 70% Lindt chocolate.

2015-10-10 16.28.18

The chocolate gave the mince much richer, deeper flavour.

As for the butternut squash noodles – this time I boiled them and my husband was happier – not as crunchy as last week. Personally, I felt that by boiling the noodles, they lost some of their integrity. Next time, I’ll try baking them again but I will spread them out thinner on a baking tray so that they bake more evenly than last time. I’ll let you know.