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Rage Against The Dying

by Becky Masterman

Rage against dying

This is a fairly satisfying crime thriller and there are the usual twists and turns. I’m just not sure. Brigid Quinn is a retired FBI agent who gets involved in the case she never solved. Brigid is grey haired and several times referred to as an older lady. Therefore, although I know many older women keep fit etc. etc. I just did not find some of her actions and some of the risks that she took believable. She was also a very stubborn lady which I did not really find endearing. The Spice Girls gave us girl power – here I think the author wants Brigid to give us grey power. This is no sweet, little Miss Marple. It would be interesting to read another novel featuring this character as I would like to give her a second chance – she might grow on me.

However, the story/plot is first class. Brigid receives a call from the FBI informing her that they have found the Route 66 killer, a case she was very closely involved with. When the agent involved asks Brigid to review the interviews, both reach the conclusion that the confession has flaws. But no one believes them. The big chiefs are rubbing their hands together because they have caught ‘the big one’ and they are not going to listen to the doubts raised by a young female agent and a retired agent. It is up to the two women.

As I said the plot moves nicely forward. It is gripping, but I’m just not sure about a woman of that age taking those sorts of risks.