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Funny Girl

by Nick Hornby


An enjoyable read and as I grew up in the 1960s, I remember the early sitcoms mentioned in the book, very well. A lot of references to the era brought back memories. When Dennis goes to see ‘Hair’, it brought back the memory of the occasion when my uncle went to London to watch ‘Hair’ and how shocked my mother had been.

The book is about Barbara from Blackpool who goes to London to become a British Lucille Ball. She becomes Sophie Straw and we all fall in love with her – or do we? I enjoyed the book more for the nostalgia element than the characters – apart from Dennis, I loved him to bits.

In the novel we see the birth of a brand new sitcom, how it grows from a pilot into a series. We see the actors become household names and the struggles of the writers to produce something amazing every time. The book, although not my preferred genre is, as I said before, enjoyable and easy to read. I would just have liked a couple of gory murders too.