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I have spent the day getting messy in the kitchen and I don’t mind sharing bakes that are not perfect. I just love baking days and as for licking the spoon, well, I’ll never get tired of that.

Strawberry and chocolate bread was first. Having made raspberry and white chocolate bread before with varying success, I decided to have a go using fruit tea rather than fruit. Twinings strawberry and raspberry tea was the liquid of choice for my dough and I added a handful of chocolate chips, just because I could. Is there any other reason? The bread looks ok, I haven’t tried it yet – I’ll let you know.

2015-08-20 16.13.33

Next on the list was a chocolate and salted caramel cake. Now, believe it or not, I have reached the ripe old age of ** and have never, ever made ordinary caramel, let alone salted caramel. This was going to be a first and it would either be marvellous or disastrous. It worked and that was one spoon I enjoyed tasting.

As for the cake, well, I made a normal 3 egg sponge and added melted chocolate – 3/4 of a bar of Lindt caramel with a touch of sea salt. The filling, I grated the remaining quarter of the chocolate and added it to butter cream. A layer of salted caramel sauce was spread on the bottom half of the cake, then the flavoured buttercream and then the top half of the cake. A drizzle of salted caramel to finish.

2015-08-20 16.12.32

However, I had so much salted caramel left over – too much to naughtily finish myself. What to do? As I had some bars of dark chocolate in the cupboard, the solution was simple. Salted caramel chocolates. Now I have never attempted a filled chocolate before so I knew I was going to be having lots of sticky fun. And I did!!!! How are you supposed to line tiny little moulds? The answer – badly. Nevertheless, I created chocolates that might not look professional. Be honest, you can see the pic – they do not look in the least bit professional – but – they are super scrummy.

2015-08-20 16.11.16

And I still have a lot of caramel sauce left. What shall I do with that tomorrow?