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The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

by Anna McPartlin


I absolutely loved it. I cried and I laughed, sometimes both at the same time. A story of love, families, dying, living every moment, friendship, faith and hope.

Rabbit Hayes has been taken to a hospice. She is surrounded by her family – parents, siblings, nephews and her twelve year old daughter, Juliet. She also has her friends and her memories of a life that was beautiful – lived the way that she wanted. Her family wage war on the medical profession and on God to try save their daughter. The strength of their love is fierce and all-encompassing. No one tells Juliet the truth, everyone seeks to protect her from the truth, but she is aware that all is not right, even if she doesn’t admit it to herself. Juliet’s own emotional battles are heartbreaking to read.

Through the book we get to know all of the family as the story is told from various points of view. We even get to know Johnny who was the love of Rabbit’s life and is still part of this story.

Emotional, heart-breaking, warm, funny, sparkling, full of life – this book is packed with it all. But it is not depressing. It is a book all about making the most of life. Loved it to bits.