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My summer vacation is now at the halfway stage. Three weeks left before I am back in front of the classroom. I remember in a previous blog writing a list of things that I wanted to achieve. So, how am I doing? This was my list, as well as the writing goals that I also set myself.

1. De-clutter the bedroom. This is a job that has been on my to do list for the last few summers.

2. Take my 93 year old father out for day trips.

3. Catch up with friends that I have neglected during term time.

4. Experiment with new bread flavours.

5. Try to read at least one book a week.

6. Catch up on my sleep.

7. Try to visit my favourite nature reserve once a week.

No 1 – this can be crossed off, I have lost count of the number of trips that I have made to charity shops.

No 2 – we have been out for coffee every week and tomorrow we are off to The National Stud at Newmarket, so I can cross that one off as well.

No 3 – have seen some but not all – a work in progress

No 4 – this is a failure, so far I have just stayed with my tried and tested flavours – honey and beer. Although, I did add turmeric to a mix. It didn’t add flavour, but my bread was yellow! This stays on the list.

No 5 – not doing too badly with this one. I’ve been a bit slow putting reviews on the blog, but have now nearly caught up with myself. Presently reading ‘The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes’ which has me in tears of laughter and sadness. Review will follow when I finish it.

No 6 – this one is a success. I am getting plenty of sleep.

No 7 – failed! I haven’t even been once. This stays on the list.

So – at the halfway point, I don’t think that I am doing too badly.

As for the writing goals – 20,000 words into the new Mike Malone and Mike 4 – ‘Kissing The Devil’ is now available as paperback. I would have liked to have got further into my writing – but – at least I have another three weeks left.