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by Veronica Roth

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This was a book that I picked up purely because it is one of the books that pupils will be studying at my school next year. Having really enjoyed ‘The Hunger Games’, I was looking forward to another dystopian novel. Sadly, I was disappointed. Could this be because I am no longer a YA reader? Maybe.

The story is about Tris. To avoid war, there are now 5 different factions, all different. Candor is for honesty, Dauntless is for bravery. Children grow up in the faction they are born in. At 16 they undergo aptitude tests to see which faction they belong in and at the Choosing Ceremony, they make up their mind which faction they are going to join. I didn’t see that point of the 5 factions. If there are no wars, why a faction that is all about bravery and fighting? Nothing was explained. Sorry! A secret about Tris is discovered at her aptitude test but it is never explained. Is that supposed to keep me reading? Is it supposed to make me interested? It just annoyed me. Then there was the ‘feelings’ that developed between Tris and Four. Painful.

YA readers will love it. As an older lady, I didn’t. It didn’t engage me. I have no desire to read the rest of the series and I have no interest in Tris’ future. Not for me. At least the pupils should like it, I’ll just have to grit my teeth.