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Oh dear, another baking disaster.

Inspired by my trip to Vienna, i thought I would have a go at making a Sachertorte. I looked up various recipes on the good old Internet. Seemed fairly straightforward, apart from the glaze – that was going to be something new. I knew that many years ago I had actually purchased a sugar thermometer. Did I still have it? Did I know where it was? Did it still work?

The answer to all of those questions was yes. So – all systems go. I was pleased with the cake. The glaze – something went badly wrong. It slid off the cake. A Sachertorte has lovely glossy thick icing. My cake was sitting in a puddle of melted icing. It still tasted good but… it is not a cake that I would present to a mother-in-law. Check out the professional slice of cake that I had at Cafe Central in Vienna and compare it to my cake. Can you spot the difference?

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