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It’s the school holidays and the time to do all of those things that I never get time to do. Kitchen cupboards have been tidied and cleaned. Jars of out of date pickles have been thrown away along with the half empty packets of almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts. What is it with nuts? I always seem to have lots of half packets dotted around the kitchen. Am I a squirrel? Am I storing food for winter?

So, one thing ticked off my to do list.

The main task that I have set myself is de-cluttering. I cannot believe the things that I have hoarded over the years. Every notebook and drawing that my son ever carried home from school has been stashed under beds, at the back of wardrobes, on top of wardrobes. Do I really need to keep the exercise book that he practiced his letters in? I think I have also kept every item of clothing that he ever wore. Why? Is it because I think that he will ‘grow’ into it again?

This is clearly a work in progress.

Photographs. So many photographs. Whoever invented digital photos that I can store on a hard drive was a genius. I have photos of flowers, of trees, of skies, of people I don’t know. Photos of every birthday, holiday and Christmas. What have I done with these. Simple. I’ve put them all in a ‘big’ box and stored them in the loft for another day.

Books. My weakness. I am always buying books, my husband is always buying books. This was the easy part. I have kept only the books that I truly love. Several large bags of books were taken to the local charity shop yesterday so others can get pleasure from them.

Another job ticked off.

I’m getting there – still a lot to go. But now I need a rest. Where did I put that book?