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The last time we went to Grimsthorpe, we only wandered around the park and gardens as it was such a glorious day. With the weather a little less bright a couple of weeks ago – see, said I was behind – we decided that this time we would visit the house itself.

Grimsthorpe is a house that I have visited in the past, but not for many years, so some items/paintings seemed totally ‘new’ while others stirred long forgotten memories. What we adore doing is talking to the guides and hearing stories about the house and the personalities that have inhabited it through the years. Grimsthorpe is still a ‘lived in’ house with the Baronness Willoughby de Eresby in residence. In fact, when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge graduated from RAF Cranwell, members of the Royal Family stayed at the house. For this reason, the house has a more homely feel than some houses that we have visited.

We learned other little nuggets, such as the way to remember the order of the titles; Did Mary Visit Every Bad Beach – Duke, Marquis, Viscount, Earl, Baron, Baronet. Not sure when I will use that information, but you never know when something like that might come in handy.

A lovely afternoon out and a glorious house in which to spend a couple of hours.