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I am the Messenger

by Markus Zusak


I am getting behind with my blog entries. I blame the good weather and a desire to enjoy weekends after a week surrounded by 11 – 16 year olds. But more of that in a later blog.

I read Zusak’s ‘The Book Thief’ several years ago and when I came across this title, I was intrigued to read another by him. I had seen from reviews that it is not to be compared with ‘The Book Thief’ so I dived into in with a completely open mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ed is an underage cab driver who accidentally stops a bank robbery. Then he starts receiving playing cards which give him a mission – a daunting thing for a character who doesn’t seem to have an awful lot going for him.

The book is heart-warming, funny, and dark in places. Ed is a likeable chap and as for the others in the book, Zusak gives us well rounded characters. I dare anyone not to fall in love with The Doorman – Ed’s dog. It keeps your interest, gives you twists and leaves you feeling all warm. What more could you ask for?