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As the first book in the trilogy , ‘The Hunger Games’ is on the curriculum for next year at the school that I am presently working part-time in, I thought I had better, finally, read it. I ended up reading all three books in the series.

For the few out there who have never read this series, this is a dystopian series. Katniss lives in District 12 and the Capitol decree that every year, two tributes are chosen from every district to battle it out to the death in the arena. Makes Big Brother look a bit tame, doesn’t it? The tributes – well,they’re aged 12-18. This is a novel about children killing children. Of course to the victor, wealth and food for their family. They will never go hungry again.

I’m not giving any more of the story away – but if you like dystopia, you will enjoy this series.

I can’t make up my mind whether or not I like Katniss. She is a strong female character which will attract the young teenage girls. I occasionally find her cold and manipulative. As for the subject matter – citizens ruled by fear, by starvation, by violence these are fairly common themes. But the idea of a society condoning the killing of children – well that does feel uncomfortable to my adult mind. Best to leave it to young adults who will enjoy it as a story without getting hung up on the grittier themes.

Nevertheless, I read all three books within a week and did not feel that they had been a waste of my time. In fact they are books that I will look forward to reading with my groups next year. it will be interesting to listen to their opinions and insights.

Now – where to buy the movie?