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by David Nicholls


I have never actually read one of David Nicholls’ books before so wasn’t sure what to expect. ‘Us’ is funny, sad, touching.

It’s the story of Douglas and Connie, a married couple in their 50’s who are on the verge of splitting up. Their son, Albie, is about to leave home for college so Douglas decides that a Grand Tour is called for, a last holiday as a family.

Being of a similar age, this book resonated so much with me; like Douglas, we took our son on a last holiday as a family before he went off to sixth form and reached an age where a holiday with Mum and Dad would just not be cool. Our wasn’t a Grand tour – we went to Venice. And, our wasn’t the holiday that Douglas experienced, thankfully.

Douglas is so sweet – reliable, dependable, safe – not emotionless, but a man who doesn’t get it right – especially with his son. Connie – well, sometimes I just wanted to shake her.

I loved Douglas’s adventures, his desire to organise everything. And yes, I did cry.

I recommend it.