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The Mind’s Eye

by Hakan Nesser


Back to my Scandinavian detectives. Inspector Van Veeteren maybe  brooding and dark with a rotten private life but, he is also sharp-minded and he doesn’t miss a trick. However, he is also a detective that doesn’t share his insights with his team and so this makes him quite arrogant. But the story keeps you guessing.

A teacher is murdered and everything points to her husband, Janek Mitter, who was so drunk at the time of her death that he cannot remember what happened. Mitter protests his innocence but even his wry sense of humour when cross examined cannot prevent the court finding him guilty. It’s only when he’s locked away that he starts to remember …

As for Inspector Van Veeteren, he believes the answer lies in the dead woman’s past but as all secrets seem to have died with her, he just needs to dig a little deeper.

A good read. this is my second Inspector Van Veeteren novel and I will be reading more.