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My son read this book by Michael Chabon and passed it on to me as a must read. I hesitated. It is not my usual read but I have to say I enjoyed it.

It is the story of Josef Kavalier and Sammy Clay – two Jewish cousins in America. It spans the 1930s, WW2 and the early 1950s. The two cousins write comic books and create The Escapist. In fact the two cousins are almost like The Escapist (Joe) and his sidekick (Sammy), although the comic book hero has no sidekick. The theme of escaping is one that encompasses the book, escaping from Prague, escaping from Nazi Germany, escaping from guilt, escaping from themselves.

It is a book of fiction based on fact and Chabon has tried – as he says in his notes – ‘to respect history’. It is also a book about love, loss and heroes. I liked it.