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Buffalo Soldier

by Tanya Landman


Have been a bit slow putting this review up. Sorry.

Buffalo Soldier looks at the meaning of freedom. It is the story of, and told by, Charlotte, a young African-American slave at the end of the Civil War. After witnessing the rape and murder of her adoptive mother, she is left all alone into a world full of terror, full of war. She might be a free slave, but she is still enslaved by the colour of her skin – and – her sex. Therefore, she dresses herself in a dead man’s clothes and joins the US Army as ‘Charley’, a ‘buffalo soldier’ who fights the Indians.

I enjoyed this book. We see the world through Charley’s eyes, we hear her voice and we listen to her opinions not only on the racism that exists even in the Army, but the Indians who are now at the bottom of the pile.

A fascinating read.