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Apple and Rain

by Sarah Crossan


I actually enjoyed this one. Apple – aged 13 – is likeable as a character. She lives with her grandmother, having been abandoned by her mother. She is full of all of the usual teenage anxieties over boys and friendship groups, and living with an over-protective guardian has knocked her confidence; she is not allowed the freedom that her friends enjoy. Her talent is poetry, it allows her to express her feelings, but she hides it, afraid that her teacher will make her read it aloud.

Then her mother re-enters her life bringing surprises and problems.

The character of the mother is the one that I felt was the least convincing – maybe because as a mother myself, I have no comprehension of that sort of behaviour. The grandmother is beautifully written, a woman trying to do the best for her grand-daughter, trying to make sure that Apple does not make the mistakes her mother did.

It’s an easy read, try it.