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Another day, another baking experiment. I’ve decided that I should start my own restaurant chain – ‘It Might Not Look OK, But It Tastes Great!’ My bakes never look as I want them to, but the taste is there. Today’s offering is a perfect example. Let me present – Raspberry and White Chocolate Bread. This is another recipe adapted from the Paul Hollywood collection. He used a sourdough, I have just used a basic bread dough. After letting the dough prove, I added fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips.

2015-03-22 10.22.15

A bit of kneading and the raspberries were broken down nicely, lovely pink swirls rippled the dough, while the white chocolate chips resembled little jewels. This mixture was put into a tin and left to prove again.

2015-03-22 10.25.35

I baked the loaf for about 40 minutes and when I opened the oven door … well, this is the reason why my restaurant chain would be so named. The loaf didn’t rise as it cooked, it spread. It was a loaf with a hat on!!! But the taste. WOW!!! Naughty but very, very, very nice.

2015-03-22 11.47.05

I will try and do better next time, and tasting the way this bread does, the next time is just around the corner.