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Time for me to share another baking experience. Chocolate, almond and orange biscotti – courtesy of a Paul Hollywood recipe. Although he made it look so much easier.

I suppose, like me, you see all of the recipes entries on Facebook and the like – with all of the pictures of perfect kitchens and perfect bakes. That’s not me-  as evidenced by some of my other blog entries. With my entries you see warts and all – disasters, half disasters and the things that didn’t turn out too bad after all. Baking is a perfect antidote to writing; after a couple of chapters of Mike Malone and his latest escapade, it’s nice to disappear under a cloud of flour – and believe me I do.

But back to the biscotti – a double baked biscuit. My dough – made up of plain flour, sugar, baking powder and two eggs was a lot stiffer than I was expecting. The recipe called for 2-3 eggs – I used 2 but maybe I should have used 3. Next time, I will try adding more beaten egg. To my dough I added melted chocolate, orange zest, a splash of orange juice and some chopped almonds. Once everything was mixed, I divided the dough into two sausages and baked. Now, I found that I needed to bake my bicsotti a lot longer than the recipe stated, they were very, very soft when the timer went off. So, when I was satisfied that they were baked, I pulled them out of the oven, sliced the sausages into little biscuits and baked them again.


2015-03-22 10.29.12

Now I know biscotti are hard little biscuits to be dunked. I think that mine are maybe too hard. I think I could build a house with mine – but – once they do eventually soften in a mug of coffee, they taste pretty good. Here patience is definitely a virtue, they don’t need a dunk, they need a soak. But isn’t there a saying that the best things are worth waiting for – or something like that?

So, baking done, I’ll return to my writing as I would like to get the next Mike Malone published just after Easter and I’m a little behind schedule at the moment. Although, there is another recipe that I need to try. I’ll keep you posted.