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Have read all of Camilla Lackberg’s Patrick Hedstrom series and have never been disappointed. This one moves between past and present, past events have repercussions for the present day and secrets are revealed. I like the character of Patrick Hedstrom, it’s refreshing to find a policeman who is not plagued by demons or addictions; instead he juggles a career and a young family.

The story? A young couple return to the wife’s family home, a home she left aged one, when her entire family vanished without trace. A happy homecoming? Hardly, someone tries to burn the house down while the couple are sleeping. Patrick Hedstrom believes that the crime is connected to the disappearance of the family in the 1970s, a mystery his wife, Erica, is delving into as a possible subject for her next book.

The gripping story twists nicely and is perfectly balanced with the insights into the family lives of Patrick and Erica, and some of the other officers that regular readers of Lackberg are familiar with.

A good read.