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Oh, dear. Inspired by one of the cakes featured in ‘A Cake To Die For’, I decided to make lemon and blueberry cupcakes. In the book, the cake is tiered with a rich lemon cream. I needed to reduce the calories – hence the cupcakes. Now, this is the question. Are the cupcakes a disaster because the blueberries have all sunk to the bottom, or, are the cupcakes a success because they are only 101 calories each? I’ll go for a success; they may not look ‘pretty’ but I can eat them without guilt.

So, what did I do?

115g margarine, sugar and self-raising flour.

2 large eggs

The zest of 2 lemons

The juice of 1 lemon

150g blueberries.

I creamed together margarine, sugar and lemon zest.

Then added the eggs and mixed well.

Then I added the flour, the juice, half of the blueberries and mixed.

The mixture was divided into 18 paper cases and the remaining blueberries divided between these.

These were cooked in a pre-heated oven – Gas 5/190C for 25 minutes or until golden.

I’m reasonably happy with them, but think that next time I will not use so many blueberries, and just add them to the mix once I have divided it between the cases.


I was left with a lemon. What should I do with it?

As I needed to make a loaf of bread, I thought, why not add it to the dough with some poppy seeds. So, I grated off a little more zest and added the juice of the lemon to the dough with a good handful of poppy seeds. Did it work? It’s in the oven now …