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Well, finished reading my first book of 2015 last night. Last year I read 60 books, how many will I read this year? I’ve set myself a target of 50, I think that I might be a bit busier this year. We’ll see.

So, my first read:

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I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian crime fiction, and having visited Copenhagen in the summer, I picked this novel as my first of the year. This is the second Carl Morck novel that have read and I like the character, he won’t take no for an answer. He has been given his own department – Department Q – which deals with cold cases. To show how important his department is, he’s in the basement with a Syrian assistant, Assad that we still do not know a lot about. The heart of the book is the relationship between these two and there is a lot of humour there.

The case revolves around the desire of a group of very powerful men to keep the lid on the cold case that Carl is investigating after it appeared mysteriously on his desk, and the search for Kimmie, a woman that Carl believes is the key to the case.

It’s a gripping read and at times brutal. I loved it.