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The Woolly Murders3

A new year and a new Mike Malone mystery. The eleventh book is now on Kindle and I hope that everyone enjoys it. The idea stemmed from my love of BBC TV’s ‘Great British Bake Off’. Every week when the programme is on British TV, I am glued to it. I love baking myself, but haven’t got the skills that these amateur bakers on the show possess. I love seeing their creations, almost as much as Mike Malone loves eating cake.

Readers of this blog may remember my post about meeting the England cricketer, Stuart Broad. Well, after that meeting, I decided that maybe I could include a bit of cricket in the story as well – much to the hilarity of my family. It is a standing joke with my husband and son that although I sit with them and watch the Test matches on TV, I haven’t got a clue about what is going on. I wanted to prove them wrong in this book. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. When my husband read through the book upon its completion, he had to point out, yet again, that cricket is just not my game.

I hope you enjoy the new book. I’d love to know what you think.