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I am not a brilliant cook by any means, I have a go and the finished products, although looking ‘rustic’ are usually good to eat. Therefore, when my Dad asked me to make a birthday cake for his 93rd birthday, how could I refuse?

The cake itself was ok, the tricky part was the decorating. I would love to see a TV cook covered in icing sugar and chocolate for once; they always seem to wear the finest silks and don’t even bother with an apron. How do they do it? The first layer of cream went on fine – I thought I was doing well, but I was actually being lulled into a sense of false security. The chocolate fingers found their way around the cake with no problems and those that were broken were swiftly dealt with which is something else you never see Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver doing. When did you last see a TV cook polish off the biscuits that were left over?

With the row of fingers complete, I thought I was winning. Only the piping and the decorations left to do. I filled the piping bag with rich chocolate frosting. I squeezed the piping bag and my first little swirl appeared as if by magic – at the same time as a dollop of frosting emerged from the top of the bag all over my hands. I carried on regardless, leaving a trail of escaping frosting behind me, but at least the swirls were in place.

Only the decorations to do, truffles to place up on the cake, candles to go in pride of place and I was finished. Looking at the finished cake and the silver board, you would never know that the kitchen was a disaster area. But I’m not telling anyone. It’s our secret, ok?

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