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What an amazing few days.

There is something majestic and powerful about the Avro Lancaster bomber. A beautiful aircraft. So, why is it so special to me, someone who was born after WW2? Well, my uncle was a navigator on the Lancasters during the war and survived many missions. My regret is that I never talked to him about his experiences, I never got to know the man behind the lovable and much loved uncle. Therefore, now that the Canadian Lancaster is in the UK to join the Lancaster from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, I’m like a child at Christmas. To see these two magnificent planes flying together for maybe the last time …

When they were joined by the Vulcan bomber this week, well, I just had to see them, didn’t I? And see them I did. I’m dead chuffed with myself too. Working out from information on the internet the possible flight path from RAF Waddington to RAF Marham, I pinpointed a spot where I might just be lucky. So, Thursday afternoon, I drove to Frampton Marsh, I walked out onto the sea-bank, I waited for nearly 40 minutes and I was rewarded. Those three magnificent machines flew right over me. Spine-tingling, an historic moment that will probably never, ever happen again. And I was there. What is even more incredible is that no one else seemed to have the same idea that I had, after all there were 4 mile tail-backs around Waddington. But where I was, no one. I had the sea-bank to myself, I was an audience of one and I will never, ever forget that afternoon.

So today, keeping the Lancaster theme, a visit to Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre to see another working Lancaster. Unfortunately, this one is not airworthy, but she is still superb. She taxys up and down and the sound of the 4 Merlin engines  – breath-taking. As you can see from the photos, she is one special lady.2014-08-23 10.32.51 2014-08-23 10.32.13-2 2014-08-23 10.34.04

And cricket? Where does cricket fit into a report about Lancaster bombers? Well, while at the Heritage Centre today, I met England’s Stuart Broad. Need I say more?2014-08-23 11.17.14