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I have just returned from my first ever visit to Liverpool and I thorougly enjoyed it. One of the highlights was a ‘Beatles Tour’. Now I grew up in the 60s (that’s given my age away) and I had posters of the Beatles all over my bedroom wall. Therefore it was fascinating to be taken around Liverpool to see the areas where the four lads grew up and the schools they went to. So sad that Ringo’s house is boarded up, one invisible house among streets of boarded up terraces and is in a part of Liverpool that the powers that be are arguing over – demolish or renovate. Whether you liked the music or not, these four put Liverpool on the map and so it is a shame that part of their past is possiblly being consigned to the wrecker’s ball. I also wasn’t aware how much each of the four have put back, and are putting back, into the community of Liverpool either. They are to be applauded. A super tour.2014-08-03 13.10.43 2014-08-03 17.28.58