“I’d like to see the dentist, please.”

“Can you come at two thirty?”

Dreadful joke. I apologise. But after my trip to the dentist today, I needed cheering up. I have a cracked crown and have to have it replaced. I hate dentists, I’m scared of dentists. So the last thing I wanted to hear today was that I need to make two more appointments to have my old crown removed and a new one fitted. I HATE PAIN! As my appointment isn’t until November, at least I’ll have chance to build up my courage – and my bank balance.

Still, on a brighter note, the proof of ‘Happy Death’ arrived today. I’m now trying to get my ebooks into paperback. ‘Woolly Murders’ is already available as a paperback, and now, within a couple of days or so, the second Mike Malone will be joining it on the Amazon site.

2014-07-30 18.53.54

More work for me, I’ll have to set about getting ‘The Hanged Cow’ ready for paperback now. It would be nice to get that on the shelves before Christmas. But first, I need to finish the present Mike Malone. Nearly 25000 words so far. Wish me luck.