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When my mother died ten years ago, I moved several boxes from her loft to mine, and they have stayed there, untouched until recently. One interesting item that I came across – well, three interesting items – was a collection of books that belonged to my grandmother containing various tips, hints and recipes for a housewife/mother in the early 1900s. My grandmother married my grandfather during WW1. I spent a fascinating morning reading through these books and considering what life was like for a housewife then. Did anyone give you instructions on ‘The Art of Washing Up’? And what about the tip for tieing a piece of ribbon to a saucepan handle so that you don’t forget it is on the stove. These, along with hints for cleaning a tiger-skin rug, starching a collar and recipes for ‘Mock Duck’ and ‘Red and Yellow Eggs’ meant that I had a very pleasant morning – a morning when I was very grateful for my dishwasher and my Dyson.