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Get your vehicle off the road if possible and warn other traffic by using your hazard warning lights


Cars! Wouldn’t the world be a lot better if everyone walked everywhere? Everyone would be forced to slow down and there certainly wouldn’t be these horrendous pile-ups on motorways. We would have time on our hands, there would be no wars over oil, pollution would be reduced.

Of course there are negatives to every idea. Not being able to visit family easily, having to carry heavy bags home from the supermarket.

So, why the contemplation about positives and negatives of cars? Simple. A car that refused to start this morning and suddenly the day is in turmoil because life revolves around these petrol-guzzling beasts. Without them we can’t function and I am guilty as charged.

Still, it got fixed – and – while I was ‘trapped’ within four walls I made two soups for the freezer, a loaf of bread and wrote 1000 words.

Who needs cars?