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If someone asked you which is your favourite book of all time, what would you reply? I love reading and usually read 40/50 books every year, but my answer never alters. Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. I avoided this book for years, wrongly assuming that it was like the Hammer Horror version of the story. However, when I was ‘forced’ to read it as part of my degree, I was immediately bewitched. The humanity of the story gets to me every time. I have lost time of the number of times that I have re-read it. I adore it with a passion and every time I am reduced to tears. If you have never read it – give it a try. You might just love it.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to see the National Theatre production of the book starring Benedict Cumberbatch, I did see the National Theatre Live production at the local cinema and the only word to describe it was breath-taking. It was true to the novel, it took no liberties and was incredibly moving.

So, that is my favourite book of all time. What’s yours?