Wow, I’ve really neglected this blog and I feel so guilty about it. Sometimes life just gets in the way. So much for giving up the day job, I’ve spent the last academic year teaching full time again. I fell into a really nice school and they asked me to stay on – so I did. Now it’s the school holidays so I can start to catch up on writing again and everything else that I intended to do.

A new Mike Malone is in the pipeline. About 20,000 words in so far. I’d like to get it finished during the 6 weeks break. If this glorious weather keeps up, I can see long afternoons in the garden with the lap-top on my knee, hopefully not succumbing to afternoon naps.

Other jobs for the 6 weeks holiday – clearing the loft – the house is in serious need of decluttering. And most important of all, catching up on the friends that I have neglected recently because I’ve been busy. 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough sometimes.