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The one thing I like about school holidays is that it gives me time to myself which means writing time. So, the new Mike Malone is now available. No 8 in the series and the bodies keep piling up. Although I must stress that in reality, my home town is not half as dangerous as it appears in the books. I’d love to know what reader think of it.

As I look from my kitchen window, I can finally see daffodils and my cat who really disgraced himself yesterday. My son has been painting the utility room for me and my cat decided to put his foot in the paint. Neither of us realised until I went to use my laptop and it had blue paint smeared across it, as did the kitchen table and the chair and the kitchen floor and the hall carpet and the stair carpet and the bath! My cat likes to drink out of taps. It was so funny that we couldn’t really stay mad at him – and his foot is still a little bit blue.