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A belated greeting – sorry!

I can’t believe the weather at the moment, I could almost be sitting here typing on a spring afternoon. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Wonderful. In fact when I was in Cambridge for the day yesterday, I even saw a tree with blossom on it. Amazing.
Husband and I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge yesterday to see an exhibition of Japanese woodcuts with the theme of snow – very incongruous on a day like this. Anyway, they were glorious. I loved the depiction of the women in their clogs, black lacquered for the high born and wooden for the servants. It was also interesting to see how the artists showed snow. In the 1700s the spots of snow were carved out of the wood blocks to create tiny spots of white paper and in the 1800s, the white pigment was spattered over the finished woodcut to bring texture. Fascinating.
Today, it’s back to normal. No more gazing upon beautiful images for me, instead I’m surrounding myself in blood and gore.