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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that you are all looking forward to a good New Year. So – what are your resolutions going to be? I’m not going for the usual ones that I always end up breaking within the first week. Instead my resolution is to count my blessings and to try and follow an idea given to me by a friend. She recommends that every night I jot down something good that happened during the day. Then at the end of the year, I can flick through my book and remember everything nice/good that has happened.

So, if I had done that this year, what would I have been remembering? Well, it has been an interesting year. I have published five more books and have seen my sales creep a few rungs up the ladder of success. I’m a long way from the top, but am not rock bottom anymore. I have seen my son graduate from university with a tear in my eye and have ‘retired’ from teaching. I am not a full time teacher anymore, just a supply teacher which has improved my work/life balance greatly. No longer am I spending every night crouched over the kitchen table surrounded by piles of books that need marking and reports that need writing. Life is now a lot less stressful and the old saying that money can’t buy happiness certainly rings true.

Therefore, to everyone – have a healthy and prosperous New Year and may all of your wishes come true.