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Isn’t is funny how life grinds to a halt when there is no internet? What on earth did we all do before it arrived? My internet connection was lost about a month ago after a squabble between two service providers – that’ll teach me to try to swap. But at least all service is now restored.

So what have I been up to? After enjoying life as a supply teacher and visiting lots of schools and teaching everything from PE to photography, I have now taken a 4 week placement at a school – I’ll be there until the end of term. In a funny way, I have found that I have missed the sense of belonging to a department, even though I have enjoyed the flexibility that wandering around the county brings. It’s nice to walk into the staff room every morning and see the same faces and share the same jokes. That’s what I think now, one week into my four weeks. What I will think at the end of the four weeks – who knows?

As for my books, the next Mike Malone is finished, it’s being edited and should be available within the next couple of weeks. Look out for ‘When She Was Bad.’ The new Jack Sallt is also very close to completion and then it too will enter the editing phase.

Now I’m off to write my Christmas cards.