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I hope that everybody had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It goes so quickly and I always feel sad when I take the tree down, everything looks bare and empty.

Have been back at school three days now and am already being swamped by planning, report writing and marking. Only about another 196 days before the summer holidays.

New Year resolutions! Well, I always break the usual lose weight, get fit ones so have gone for something totally different this year. I’m going to tidy my loft! I have so much up there – I have every item of clothing that my son wore when he was a baby (he’s now 21), a lot of his toys and books and nearly every school exercise book that he bought home from school. Add to those boxes, the items from my husband’s and my own past life and well you can imagine the task that I have set myself. I think it could almost be one of the labours of Hercules!!