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The latest book in the Mike Malone Mystery series, ‘Kissing The Devil’ (working title) will be out in the New Year.
What follows is a taster…


Albert Fisher pulled on his boots and opened the door. It was still dark and the scent from last night’s firework display hung in the air, a reminder of another year gone.
He pulled his scarf around his neck and his hat over his ears. Jet, his dog, put his nose out of the door, sniffed and retreated back indoors.
“Come here, you soft bugger.”
With his head down, the dog trotted unenthusiastically back to his master who shut the door firmly behind them both. With his faithful companion at his side, Albert went across to the barn to check on his pigs. Grunting and squealing greeted him as he pulled open the door and he walked down the length of the barn, topping up troughs as he went. As he turned around to go back to where Jet was waiting for him, he stopped in his tracks and looked up. He could hear a woman screaming. It was Doris.
Spinning on his heels he ran back down the barn, his breath coming in clouds from his open mouth. As he rushed into the farmyard, he stopped suddenly. Doris was sitting in the hen-house, covered in feathers; they were sticking out from her face like hedgehog prickles.
“What you doing there, you daft bat?” Albert shouted across to her, affectionately.
“A white devil’s stolen a hen, he rubbed his slimy face on mine and stole a hen.”
“A white devil! Have you been at the cooking sherry again?”