What a week! A new term, lots of marking and lessons to prepare. I seem to have very few free periods this year, so by the end of term I am going to be so tired. It’s always amazing that every year Y7s get smaller – they are tiny! I have to be careful not to tread on them and squash them.

Son is now home from his Land’s End – John O’Groats trip. The boys did really well, they completed the 900+ miles in 11 days. Unfortunately when he returned home, he brought 4 loads of washing with him – I’m glad he didn’t go for a month.

Friday was really eventful – I broke down on the way home from school. I had to sit in a lay-by for an hour and a half before the AA came to my rescue and towed me home. So, what did I do to fill in the 90 minutes, apart from counting the number of car/lorries that stopped in the same lay-by to have a pee? (There were 7) I marked the school books, then I ripped some paper out of one of the books and wrote nearly 2000 words of Mike Malone 4. Maybe I should break down more often!!!