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School holidays are usually times for just putting my feet up and relaxing – getting my strength back after weeks and weeks of trying to teach to 11-16 year olds who are just not interested.

However, this year I have been energised. Not only have I finished the third Mike Malone which is on Kindle now, but I have completed two other novels, both of which are in the process of being edited. Do I feel tired? No! Not at all.

So why? I can only put it down to the thrill of doing something creative – of entering new worlds and getting to know new characters.

The first of the novels ‘The Unseen Sky’ is as different from Mike Malone as you can get. It is a general fiction novel and focuses on lost love and new love, memories and history. It spans the centuries and is set in Venice and North Norfolk.

The second one will introduce a new character and hopefully, like Mike Malone, he will have more than one case. Jack Sallt is gritty and tough. He is a copper who is stubborn and determined; he also carries with him a lot of baggage. Out of the two, although I have a soft spot for Mike Malone, if i had to pick a date, it would be Jack Sallt – mad, bad and dangerous to know. I’d love to know what you think when he is finally published. Jack gets involved when the local MP commits suicide. The working title is ‘File Deleted’

So that’s what I have been doing in the school holidays – what about you?